TRWD Trinity Trash Bash

April 23 – September 17

The Trash Bash fun continues all summer long! We know that litter can end up in the Trinity for a multitude of reasons, negatively impacting local wildlife, activities and people. The 2022 TRWD Trash Bash Challenge was created to stop litter BEFORE it ends up in the river and the most impactful place to start is in your very own neighborhood using your very own phone. Take the Challenge with friends and family to help us collect information about the litter we encounter each day. Together we can connect to protect the Trinity and our Fort Worth communities using the power of data!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the Litterati app
  2. Join the TRWD Trash Bash Challenge with code JOINTRWD.
  3. Start watching for litter in your daily life, and pick it up.
  4. Snap a picture with the Litterati app to record your activity and earn points for yourself and the Challenge.
  5. WARNING: Improving your community AND getting credit for it may be addictive!

The Trash Bash fun continues! Join our TRWD Trash Bash group on Facebook to learn more and stay informed on upcoming cleaning opportunities that TRWD offers.

Tips for success:

  • Keep gloves and hand sanitizer conveniently accessible. You may also want to re-use plastic grocery bags to collect the litter.
  • Remember to upload & tag your photo to the Litterati app.
  • The most useful tags will include the material, category and brand: for example #aluminumCokecan, #styrofoamMcDonaldscup, #plasticWalgreensbag.
  • But don’t get too worried about the tags. The cool Litterati app will also identify and track this information from the photos you upload.


Does your group need supplies to run its next #TrashBashChallenge cleanup event? We'll happily provide your supplies.

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